Only elite gambling establishments can boast of having a special incentive system for customers. If you have chosen this institution for cooperation, then you have made the right choice because active customers here are waiting for the Rocket Play casino best VIP program and constant bonuses and gifts for increasing the gaming status. We will find out what exactly this program is and what benefits it offers. Stay with us and learn more!

What is the VIP Program in Rocket Play Casino?

Rocket Play casino VIP program is a unique offer that provides an opportunity to increase the gaming status. The higher this status, the better conditions for cooperation and more valuable gifts and bonuses. There are 10 levels in total. The first of them is iron, which the player receives as soon as he successfully completes the registration process.

Next, you need to earn Comp Points — virtual points, the accumulation of which will improve your status. The first level is bronze, and when you reach it, you will get 10 free spins on top pokies. The highest status is Diamond Legend. It opens up incredible benefits to the gambler — the return of 15% weekly cashback, as well as up to 15 thousand euros or 22.5 thousand Australian dollars in a no-deposit bonus.

Comp Points accrual conditions are very simple. They are automatically credited to a special game account for each slot bet made with real money. The accrual equivalent is 1 virtual coin for every €20/30AUD spent on a bet.

VIP RocketPlay

Benefits of Being a VIP at a Rocket play Casino

The benefits of Rocket Play casino VIP program Australia are obvious. Each new status will bring better terms of cooperation and more profitable bonuses. Of course, everything depends on the status, but even after gaining the first levels, the gambler will be happy to receive additional incentives. Depending on the level, it is:

  • Additional free spins in slots (from 10 for a Bronze level to 300 for Silver Legend);
  • Cashback (from 3% for Silver to 15% for Diamond Legend);
  • No Deposit Bonus (from €1.5k/AUD$2.3k for Gold Legend to €15k/AUD$22.5k for Diamond Legend).

As you can see, the terms and benefits are even better than you can imagine. In addition, in order to increase the status, you do not need to do anything special – only replenish your own account and make bets on the real budget. However, the essence of gambling is this. Do habitual actions and get dividends for it.

Pros and Cons

The online casino Rocket Play vip program has its numerous advantages and minor disadvantages, which for the sake of fairness, should be noted.

Pros Cons
Free launchings in the TOP pokies Time limit for bonuses (5 days)
Cashback from 3% to 15% The process of reaching each new level is quite long
No deposit bonuses

Minor drawbacks still do not cancel out the incredible benefits that the client of the portal receives with each new level.


How to get a new game level?

To do this, it is necessary to replenish the account with real funds and make bets using this capital.

What do I get when I reach the maximum VIP level?

In this case, you will receive 15% cashback and a significant amount of no-deposit bonus.

How to earn 1 virtual coin?

Each new point is credited after the ambler makes a bet of €20 or 30 AUD.

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