Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world. Many people love this game for its drive and not for analyzing. It is more complicated than chess. Because of all these factors, this game is popular with bookmakers. The most significant variations of bets will always be on soccer. We are writing this article to help you understand betting football.

Football - Betting Guide

Football Odds Explained

The odds play a crucial role in the betting world. The odds determine how much you will win for your bet. And the odds depend on several factors:

  • the mathematical odds of a specific event. The more likely an event happens, the lower the odds will be. Mathematical odds are used for initial odds corrected by other users’ bets and mathematical formulas after events that change the layout of forces.
  • bets of other users. A mathematical formula cannot calculate everything. Odds are corrected according to other users’ bets to keep the balance.
  • the margin of a bookmaker company. This depends on how the overall favorable odds will be. The smaller the margin of the betting company, the more users win, often, some betting companies refuse to profit from some events, and users get the maximum profit for themselves.

Knowing how to calculate the odds, making bets will be easier; be sure to use our football betting tips.

Football Betting Types Explained

There are many different kinds of soccer bets. Some of them can be difficult for beginners to understand, so we decided to help you with the basic types to make it easier for you to make your first bets:

  • a bet on a particular result. The easiest choice is to bet on whether your team wins, loses, or draws;
  • you can bet on a specific score. If you are confident that the match will end with a specific outcome, you can bet on it. Yes, this is a significant enough risk, but it also pays very well;
  • more/fewer. This is a bet on whether a particular event will happen more or fewer times. For example, you can bet that your team will score more than one goal;
  • a chain of bets. You can place more than three bets in one check, and for each successive bet, your odds go up. But if one of your bets is wrong, you lose.

Knowing these basic types of bets will make it much easier for you to make your first bet. You can try free football betting if you are not sure about it.

Long Term and Special bets

Long-term bets are made not for one match but for the whole season. Many users call it the inverse of live betting football.

Long-term bets are not as popular as short-term bets, but this is not surprising because everyone wants to win here and now. But long-term bets have their advantages. Such as increased odds compared to regular bets. Although on the leaders, bets are still not the biggest. Sometimes long events are more straightforward to analyze than a short match.

This is because, in one match, you can lose because of various unpleasant accidents, but the whole tournament is difficult to lose by chance. In this case, the systematic approach comes to the fore. Be sure to try to bet on the victory of one of the teams in a major tournament. You will love it.

How to Place a Football Bet:

To bet on soccer, you need to follow our small but straightforward instructions:

  1. You need to choose your preferred football betting app. This can be done based on the various ratings you can find on the Internet.
  2. After that, you need to register on the website of the bookmaker you have chosen. Usually, the registration button is on the top right corner. Be sure to specify only your current data and email.
  3. Top up your balance from your bank or cryptocurrency card.
  4. Then you should choose the match on which you want to bet.
  5. Carefully study the subject of the bet and your possibilities of winning. If you agree to the risk you are facing, place your bet.
  6. Wait for the result; if you win, the number of your winnings will come to your balance.

This instruction may be suitable for beginners, but if you are already an experienced player, you know it yourself.

Tips and Strategies For Betting On Football

When making your first bets, you should know that if you want to get serious about betting, you should devise your football betting strategies and stick to them. This is what all experienced players do and get their best football betting.

Football - Betting Guide 2


We are often asked questions about how to online football betting correctly, and we decided to collect the most popular of them and give you the answers in this article.

How do I know which team will win?

You can never be sure that your team will win. But you can always analyze the aggregate data on the teams and make your bet.

How to bet from a cell phone?

You can always use the website of the betting company you bet with. All of them are well-optimized for cell phones. You can also use their mobile apps, which you can also find on the website.

Can I bet for free?

Yes, many companies provide a welcome bonus in free bets to make it easier for you to place your first bet with them.