Roulette is one of the most gambling games invented by man. A halo of mystery of this game retain several stories of its origin. One legend says that in France in the 14th century to fill the treasury Cardinal Mazarin ordered to distribute roulette in all gambling houses. At that time it was a game with 40 numbered jacks and three zeros, which was called “Hoca.” True, after the death of Louis the 14th, anyone organizing “Hoca” was to be executed.

According to another version, the mathematician Blaise Pascal had a hand in creating the game. But it too is divided into two stories: according to one, Blaise tried to create a perpetual motion machine with a wheel and a ball; according to the other, he closed himself in a monastery to solve the problem of the probability of a lottery with 36 tickets.

Either way, the game takes its French roots and today it is impossible to imagine a casino without roulette. Ever since the advent of online casinos, roulette, or as it might be called the “Ferris wheel,” has also become an integral part of the casino.

Principle of the roulette game

The game of live online roulette RocketPlay, one of the simplest. In front of the players is a wheel, which is numbered from 1 to 36 and plus zero. The numbers are arranged in random order, but in a strict rotation of colors – black and red. Next to the wheel is a betting table. There, players can bet on a specific number, color (black-red), even or odd, dozen (one of 12 numbers), more, less, and zero.


Before placing your bets, the croupier says the crowning bet, “Place your bets, gentlemen!” After the bets are placed, an equally popular phrase is uttered, “Bets are placed, no more bets.” The roulette wheel is run one way and the ball is necessarily in the opposite direction. After the ball stops in a cell, live dealer roulette RocketPlay announces the winning number, fix it on the playing field and the winning players are paid winnings, and losing bets go to the casino roulette live RocketPlay.

The live roulette app RocketPlay has all of the above rules except that everything takes place on your monitor screen. Of course, some may miss these crown phrases, but the excitement is fully preserved. And for those players who still want to touch live roulette without leaving home, there are also a couple of options.

Virtual Roulette Online

Playing live roulette Australia RocketPlay is much easier than you might imagine. In the live version, the wheel itself consists of over 300 components and is set up with jewel-like precision, as just 1 millimeter of movement will allow observant players to notice which sectors the ball is most likely to fall into. In the case of RocketPlay roulette live real money, everything is managed by a random number generator, which ensures the fairness of the draw. Just as in the original, you can be sure that the ball fell on that figure is completely random.

Another feature of the Ferris wheel online is that you can play free live roulette RocketPlay. Roulette has different variations in every casino, so you can easily open any of them and play for free using virtual chips. This will not only help you understand the principle of the game, but also test popular roulette strategies.

Why virtual roulette in casinos?

At the heart of the game of virtual roulette is a random number generator, which is guaranteed to produce random results. The best online casinos regularly undergo independent audits of their soundness and have the appropriate licenses.

The odds of winning for virtual and real roulette are the same. You can use all known strategies and tips that exist for regular roulette. Although their effectiveness is reduced.

The low level of virtual roulette bets compared to the game in a real casino.

You can choose between different variations of roulette, thus reducing the advantage of the establishment.                                                                                                                                                              Live Roulette online casino Rocket Play Review

Types of roulette

Today, there are many variations of roulette. Some are popular, while others act to attract recreational players. At this point, there are four main varieties that have been established in the gambling world for decades.

European or classical roulette: has 37 sectors, from 1 to 36 and one “zero”. It is the zero that gives the main advantage of the casino. Bet on it often, because the payout is 1 to 36, but it is rarely hit. The casino advantage in this variant of online roulette (and offline as well) is 2.7%.

American Roulette: Its difference from European Roulette is one thing – the reel has 38 sectors. From 1 to 36, zero and double zero. That increases the casino’s advantage to 5.26%, but along with that there are too many gamblers who think that two zeros is a great chance for big winnings.

French Roulette: It is the most popular option with players and the most unpopular with operators. The thing is that it is played like European roulette, but in the case of zeros, all players get 50% of the bet. Everyone who bet on a number, odd, red or dozen will get a refund. 

Mini Roulette: This option is particularly popular with high rollers. Its peculiarity is that the field consists of 13 sectors – from 1 to 12, one zero and one empty sector. Of course, this at least triples the casino’s advantage, but what attracts players is the absence of a maximum bet limit.

All of these types of roulette are available at RocketPlay Casino. To play live roulette RocketPlay for free, just take a quick registration and try your luck.                                                                                             

Live Roulette online casino Rocket Play Review 2

Live Roulette

The casino RocketPlay present live roulette (live roulette). It is a variation of roulette, where bets are taken by a real croupier – at a real table and a real wheel that has passed seven rounds of certification. In general, the difference between real roulette is that live is located in a specially equipped room, and the focus is on the players who make bets through the monitor screen.

But some operators have gone much further. RocketPlay Casino has a special kind of live roulette. At one of the real roulette tables, which are located in the largest casinos in Las Vegas, special equipment is installed for online players. So you can make bets on your monitor screen together with the casino visitors, watching everything that’s going on.                                                                           


Let’s get straight to the unpleasant news – there is no single system that brings unmistakable stable income at roulette.

There are plenty of strategies on the Internet for a successful game. The most famous are the systems of D’Alamber, Whitecracker and, of course, Martingale. In addition to them, there are models based on the “Chaos Theory”, “Big Number Theory” and others.

And if they can bring any result in an offline institution, the online casino operates on the basis of a random number generator, which nullifies all cunning strategies.