Many people like to gamble. Some like to bet money on sports, and some like to play poker with friends. And some like to play for real money at online casinos. It gives a unique sense of excitement. It gives the added feeling of a casino atmosphere where you don’t even have to leave home. You can play at an online casino anytime, a major plus for many people. So for you, we have done our review in which we will tell you all about live online casino Real Money.

The Most Popular Real Money Live Casino Games

In live online casino Real Money, you can find hundreds of games. And many may be confused about what they want to play. So we have made you our little list of games that you have to pay attention to:

  • Live Blackjack is one of the most popular types in online casinos. The rules of the game are no different from regular blackjack, except that here you see the dealer on his screen, and the game can be from 1 to 7 participants;
  • Live Roulette is a classic game you can find at any land-based casino. Only all this is on your screen;
  • Live Bingo – everyone loves bingo. Many have played bingo with their family and many with friends. But not everyone has played bingo for real money. Here you can fix that.

Be sure to go and try to play all these games. It will bring you a lot of emotions and give you an excellent opportunity to earn real money.

Real Money Live Casino Banking Methods

In today’s world, many people have savings not only on one bank card. Many people may have them on payment systems or cryptocurrency accounts. And it is good when the casino provides an opportunity to deposit from different systems. Let’s look at what methods of depositing your balance are available at Rocket Play Casino:

  • you can top up your balance with your bank card if it supports Visa, MasterCard, or American Express;
  • if you are an active user of Internet payment systems, then you can top up your balance with your PayPal or Payoneer;
  • you can also top up your balance on the online casino site from your cryptocurrency account. This is done for your maximum convenience.

After you have topped up your balance in Real Money live casino, you can earn money with pleasure by playing games.

Why Should You Play Live casino real money

Some users are wary of play live casino Real Money, but you can always start with a minimum deposit. In games, do not make the biggest bets. It will save you from quickly losing the whole amount. You can earn more than you invested. Many users want to get their jackpot, but you can only get it by playing Real Money.

When playing with real money, it is essential to remember some tips to never end up with 0 on your balance. To do this, never bet all-in. Bet a lot on small bets. Always be sober about the situation, and don’t keep playing if you start getting hit by losses alone.


Play the best live casino Real Money is always the risk of losing everything. But it gives you an excellent opportunity to win Real Money if you approach it wisely. You will surely win your jackpot if you are careful with your bets.


Many novice gamblers ask us questions that may interest them. Often these are simple questions, so we have compiled some of them and answered them in this article.c

Can I play for free?

Yes, the online casino has its bonus system that allows you to try to make your first bet without spending your real money. There is also a demo mode for each slot. Try your hand there and earn real money after making your first deposit.

Can I play if I don’t have a PC?

You don’t need a PC to play online casinos. You can start playing from your phone. This online casino has been optimized for mobile devices’ official websites. You can download our application from the official website.

At what age can I start playing in the casino?

You can start playing at the casino from the age of 18. This rule is made under the laws which the online casino complies with.