Handball is not a very popular sport, so there are not many Handball betting fans. But this is great because the more people bet on a specific event, the lower the odds on it, and since not many people bet on Handball, the odds are more significant, and your potential winnings are also more extensive.

Also, every user can get their welcome bonus, and the increased odds of handball matches are great to help you make more money on handball events. Be sure to try betting on a handball match after reading our article.

Handball Betting Guide


The Basic Principles of Handball

Handball is very similar to soccer in the gym. And there are indeed many similarities, and the main difference is that in Handball, you can’t play with your feet, and in soccer, with your hands.

But there are many more differences. Let’s get to the bottom of it. In a handball match, two teams of 7 players each take part. The teams can make player substitutions if someone is injured or tired. A handball match only lasts two halves of 30 minutes each, which is great because you can place more bets, and it will take less time. In Handball, one can’t hold the ball for long. One participant once every 3 seconds or steps. There has to be a pass or a dribble. This makes the sport very dynamic and spectacular. Be sure to watch this.

Why bet online on Handball?

You can bet offline at the match or online while watching the match at home from your mobile or TV. Many people still prefer to bet offline, but it entails a lot of inconveniences. That’s why we all recommend that you bet online.

When you place a bet with an online bookmaker, you don’t have to stand in a queue waiting for you to place your bet or for you to collect your winnings. Also, in the online format, you have a much more excellent choice of variations of your bet, be sure to take advantage of this. You don’t need to have cash. You can always pay with your bank card or cryptocurrency and take your winnings conveniently. Also, take advantage of Handball betting promotions to make as much profit as possible.

Types of Bets

All Handball betting sites have many possible bets, which can confuse the inexperienced user. So we decided to help you understand some of them:

  • betting on the winning line. This is one of the easiest betting methods. You bet on the final result of the match. You bet team “A” will win, lose or draw against team “B.”
  • betting on a specific result. You can bet on the exact score of the match. But you should understand that if your team won, but the score turned out to be different – you will still lose.
  • more / less – you can bet on whether this or that event will happen more or fewer times. For example, you can bet that your team will score more than three goals or concede fewer than two goals.
  • bet on a specific event – you can bet on whether or not a specific event will happen. For example, if a player of team “A” scores or maybe in this match, a player will be removed.
  • you can also bet on several matches – you can bet on three or more handball matches simultaneously within one bet, and the odds will only grow for each game. You need all bets to win. If you bet on five matches and only one was false, you still won’t get your winnings. So be careful with this kind of betting.

In different betting companies, you can find other options for betting, but it is these that we recommend to beginners because they are as simple as possible and give you good odds.


Each experienced user is sure to have his Handball betting strategy. Because it is a well-thought-out strategy that allows you to manage your balance as efficiently as possible, that’s why we have prepared some essential Handball betting tips for you:

  • do not play while intoxicated. This can harm your results because you may have a dulled sense of proportion and danger;
  • be sure to watch Handball betting predictions. This will help you make the most accurate bet possible;
  • use the best Handball betting odds to make your winnings as big as possible;
  • do not use handball betting to make money because Handball is a team game, and the result depends on many facts, all of which you can not predict.

Follow our Handball betting guide to make your investment as profitable as possible while having the small risk of losing your investment.

Handball Betting Guide 2


No matter how experienced a user you are, you may always have questions about how a betting company works. That’s why we’ve collected some popular ones and given you the answers.

How do I know who to bet on?

You cannot 100% know the winner until the final whistle. But you can add up all the objective and subjective factors and try to determine the winner of the upcoming match on your own. From time to time, even the outsiders win the leaders.

What events should I bet on?

Some tournaments are not available at some bookmakers. Mostly less professional matches are not available. It is also worth betting on a victory for one of the teams.

At what age can I bet?

You can only start gambling when you reach the age of 18. Law strictly defines this, and betting companies do not violate it.